1 billion persons affected with presbyopia worldwide — Eye specialist


Dr. Tochukwu Onwuzulike, an eye care specialist, revealed that a staggering number of over 1 billion people worldwide suffer from Presbyopia, an eye disorder that gradually diminishes the ability to focus on nearby objects. He made this announcement during the launch of a free eye care initiative at Apo resettlement in Abuja, organized by the Eye Care Aid Foundation and Vision Spring, with the support of the Act Foundation.

Out of the 1 billion affected individuals, Dr. Onwuzulike emphasized that more than 500 million are visually impaired due to the lack of access to reading glasses. This global issue has prompted concerned non-governmental organizations to take action. In Nigeria alone, approximately 2 million people are visually impaired, a troubling statistic that highlights the urgent need for intervention.

The optometrist stressed the critical importance of eye care, linking it directly to productivity, livelihood, quality of life, and even mental health. He urged people to prioritize eye care and undergo regular eye tests to detect hidden problems that might not be immediately apparent.

The eye care initiative, supported by the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) and the health authority of the FCT, aims to screen 20,000 individuals and distribute 10,000 pairs of reading glasses free of charge in the FCT. Dr. Adesuwa Agbontaen, the CEO of the Eye Care Aid Foundation, explained that the project would run until June 2024 and cover various communities in the FCT. She emphasized the importance of creating awareness about eye care issues, especially in the lead-up to World Sight Day on October 12.

Emeka Mbanusi, the head of Information and Public Relations at AMAC, expressed gratitude to the organizers and highlighted AMAC’s commitment to providing medical care to the residents. He mentioned various initiatives, including free medical care for malaria and deworming programs, demonstrating AMAC’s dedication to the health and well-being of the community members.

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