Ajoke, alleged daughter of Prophet TB Joshua speaks in New BBC Documentary


An alleged daughter of the late Prophet TB Joshua, simply identified as Ajoke has raised concerns as she speaks on the alleged wrongdoings of her late father and founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN in a new BBC documentary released on Monday.

Ajoke while speaking as an eyewitness to the BBC, narrated how she had confronted her father about the mistreatment she observed in the church.

According to Ajoke, the consequence of her daring deed before her own biological father was grave as she suffered isolation and loneliness, with claims that she was shunned by the church community. Ajoke further asserted that her father, the late TB Joshua, harboured a fear that his actions could be exposed to the public.

Ajoke’s revelation about the person of Prophet TB Joshua was confirmed by other church servants and disciples in the synangogue who claimed that their perception of the 28-year-old young lady at the time was due to the narrative the abusive TB Joshua had painted her with.

They claimed that he brainwashed them to believe that Ajoke had an evil spirit that she needed to be delivered from.

According to the BBC Documentary, Ajoke said she was TB Joshua’s child from an extra-marital affair. However, the preacher took her in to avoid people finding out about his sins.

Ajoke said one day, she boldy confronted her father during a meeting and asked why he was taking advantage and raping underaged girls. An incensed TB Joshua then set his security on her, and they badly thrashed her.

So bad were the beatings that she bled, but still kept asking why her father was s_xually exploiting young women. TB Joshua then ordered that she be locked up in a room, where she stayed for months.

Months later, she was thrown out into the streets, with no idea where to go.

Watch Ajoke speak in the second episode of the new BBC Documentary.

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