Army Chief Rules Out Amnesty For Bandits, Terrorists


The Chief of Army Staff, Major General Taoreed Lagbaja, has firmly rejected the idea of granting amnesty to bandits and terrorists, emphasizing the need to clamp down on criminal elements instead. He made this statement during a courtesy visit by the Governor of Zamfara State, Dr. Dauda Lawal, in Abuja.

Major General Lagbaja expressed his belief that the amnesty program has not achieved its desired outcomes in the past, and has only provided an opportunity for criminals to regroup and carry out attacks on innocent citizens. He commended the governor for providing feedback on the activities of the troops deployed in Zamfara State to restore peace.

Acknowledging the challenging terrain in Zamfara State, the Army chief assured that he had directed the deployment of more platforms and the allocation of additional funds to reactivate unserviceable equipment. These measures aim to enhance the operations of the troops in the state. Major General Lagbaja highlighted that the crisis in Zamfara is multifaceted, involving farmer-herder clashes, ethnic confrontations, and the pursuit of economic survival.

The Chief of Army Staff assured the governor and other stakeholders that the Armed Forces of Nigeria would address the concerns raised. He specifically mentioned the need to tackle the activities of regional groups, such as the Asaki, who operate in Zamfara State and engage in unlawful activities that include the killing of innocent civilians, including children and defenseless women. Major General Lagbaja appealed to the state government to cooperate in implementing the measures that would be recommended to combat the criminal elements.

In response, Governor Dauda Lawal expressed the urgent security challenges faced by Zamfara State and appealed for the support of the Nigerian Army to address them. He congratulated Major General Lagbaja on his appointment as the Chief of Army Staff and expressed his optimism that the appointment would bring hope to Nigerians.

The meeting between the Chief of Army Staff and the Governor of Zamfara State underscores the commitment of the Nigerian Army to tackle the security threats in the state. By rejecting the idea of amnesty for bandits and terrorists, the Army aims to demonstrate its determination to protect innocent citizens and restore peace to Zamfara. The collaboration between the state government and the Armed Forces of Nigeria will be vital in implementing effective strategies to address the activities of criminal elements and ensure the safety and well-being of the people of Zamfara State.

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