Arsenal transfers: Kai Havertz to have medical this weekend ahead of move from Chelsea.


Arsenal are nearing the completion of the signing of Kai Havertz, and a medical examination is scheduled to take place abroad over the upcoming weekend. An official announcement of the £65m transfer is expected to be made in the following week. Additionally, negotiations with West Ham regarding Declan Rice are still ongoing. It is worth noting that Manchester City has also entered the competition to acquire the West Ham captain.

Chelsea forward Kai Havertz is scheduled to undergo a medical examination over the upcoming weekend in preparation for his move to Arsenal. The medical is expected to take place overseas due to Havertz’s availability, and if everything goes smoothly, an official announcement of his £65m transfer to Arsenal could be made in the following week. Discussions are also ongoing with West Ham regarding the potential signing of Declan Rice.

It is understood that Chelsea is content with the deal, considering that Kai Havertz has expressed his desire to depart from Stamford Bridge. The player’s expressed intent to leave has likely contributed to Chelsea’s satisfaction with the transfer arrangement.

Kai Havertz’s departure from Chelsea marks the conclusion of his three-year tenure at the club. During his time there, Havertz left a lasting impact by scoring the decisive goal that secured Chelsea their second Champions League title in 2021.

Having been signed from Bayer Leverkusen in 2020 for a transfer fee of £75m, Chelsea was aiming to recover a significant portion of the amount paid, considering Havertz’s inconsistent performance during the previous season.

The potential transfer of Kai Havertz to Arsenal not only provides Chelsea with much-needed financial resources but also enhances Mikel Arteta’s attacking options at Arsenal, adding versatility to the team. Arsenal aims to build upon their second-place finish in the Premier League from the previous season.

In addition to the Havertz deal, Arsenal is continuing negotiations with West Ham regarding the acquisition of Declan Rice. Despite having a club-record bid of £90m rejected, Arsenal is expected to make a third offer in their pursuit of the talented midfielder.

According to reports from Sky in Italy, Manchester City is making significant progress in securing a deal for West Ham captain Declan Rice. The reported offer stands at £75m plus an additional £15m in bonuses, payable over a two-year period.

There are also indications that Thomas Partey might be on the move, with Juventus expressing interest in the player. However, it’s important to note that no formal bid has been submitted as of now.

Arsenal, on their part, are seeking clarity regarding incoming transfers before allowing any departures from their squad. They prefer to have a certain level of assurance regarding new signings before sanctioning any player exits.

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