BBC Documentary: Emmanuel TV, the channel associated with TB Joshua, withdraws from DStv, GOtv, and other Pay-TV platforms.


Emmanuel TV, the Christian television channel established by the late founder of the Synagogue Church, Prophet TB Joshua, has officially declared its departure from MultiChoice platforms, specifically DStv and GOtv.

The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), led by TB Joshua, has also withdrawn its TV channel from other pay-TV services. MultiChoice has confirmed this decision, noting that as of January 17, 2024, Emmanuel TV will no longer be available on DStv and GOtv packages.

This move coincides with the release of a contentious three-part documentary by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which alleges instances of atrocities and sexual crimes committed by the late TB Joshua against his followers.

Founded in 2006 by TB Joshua, Emmanuel TV gained popularity and extended its reach through its YouTube channel, becoming one of the most subscribed Christian ministry YouTube channels globally. Despite TB Joshua’s passing on June 5, 2021, the channel continued its operations.

The BBC investigation, involving interviews with at least 30 alleged former members and workers of SCOAN, revealed the late preacher’s covert lifestyle. The documentary presented graphic accounts of rape, emotional and physical abuse, deception, and staged healings. Sources claim that the church was aware of these accusations but never addressed them over more than two decades. Additionally, the video exposed how SCOAN concealed the truth from its members regarding the 2014 collapse of one of the church’s guesthouses, using manipulated footage presented on Emmanuel TV.

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