“Call to Scrap SERVICOM: Legal Practitioners Urge Nigerian Government”


A network of public interest lawyers has made a call for the discontinuation of the Service Compact with all Nigerians (SERVICOM). Pelumi Olajengbesi, speaking on behalf of the network, urged the federal government to cease funding SERVICOM, describing it as an inactive organization that no longer serves a meaningful purpose. Mr. Olajengbesi made these remarks during a news conference held in Abuja on Friday.

He highlighted that SERVICOM was initially seen as a relief for Nigerians when it was established in 2004. The agency’s primary objective was to promote effective and efficient service delivery to the people of Nigeria.

It aimed to empower public officers to fulfill their responsibilities by providing improved, timely, transparent, and quality service across various governmental bodies.

However, Mr. Olajengbesi asserted that SERVICOM has deviated from its intended purpose. He claimed that it was meant to serve as a platform for Nigerians to lodge complaints against public officers who acted in a tyrannical or errant manner, failing to meet the expected standards of conduct for public and civil servants.

While the agency initially had offices in all federal government agencies to address complaints and ensure efficiency, justice, and fairness, this situation has changed according to his statement.

According to Mr. Olajengbesi, SERVICOM has failed in fulfilling its purpose and is no longer effective in addressing complaints. He argued that the organization’s leadership and operations have encouraged abuses of official duties while preventing victims from obtaining appropriate remedies within the administrative system.

In light of this, he called on the federal government to take decisive action by either revitalizing the agency or completely abolishing it. He emphasized the need to cease wasting limited resources on unproductive ventures.

Furthermore, Mr. Olajengbesi criticized the fact that SERVICOM employees continue to receive salaries without fulfilling their responsibilities. He claimed that despite their remuneration, their presence is hardly noticeable in government agencies.

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