Did You Not See What Happened To Wizkid After Prostrating For King Sunny Ade – Omokri Speaks On Oyebanji Greeting Afe Babalola


Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri, has responded to criticism over a viral picture of the Governor of Ekiti State, Biodun Oyebanji, prostrating to greet legal icon and elder statesman, Afe Babalola. Omokri stated that those criticizing the governor do not understand the spiritual principles and Yoruba culture.

Omokri argued that the act of prostrating is a sign of respect in Yoruba culture and is deeply rooted in their traditions. He referred to it as “stooping to conquer.” He also cited the example of Wizkid, who became a global star after showing similar respect to King Sunny Ade.

According to Omokri, those criticizing Governor Oyebanji’s gesture towards Babalola lack an understanding of scriptural and spiritual principles, as well as the Yoruba concept of Omoluabi, which emphasizes good character and respect. He explained that “Oluwa” in Yoruba means “Lord of character” and that prostrating for a mentor is a sign of humility and reverence.

Omokri further supported his argument by mentioning biblical examples, such as Moses bowing to his father-in-law and King Saul prostrating before Samuel. He emphasized that there is nothing wrong with showing respect and humility to mentors and elders.

He concluded by highlighting the case of Wizkid, who prostrated before King Sunny Ade and subsequently experienced a significant boost in his career. Omokri suggested that this act of humility played a role in Wizkid’s rise to global stardom.

In summary, Omokri defended Governor Oyebanji’s gesture as a display of humility and respect in line with Yoruba culture and spiritual principles. He urged critics to understand the significance of prostration and appreciate the value of showing reverence to mentors and elders.

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