Fathers abandoned their children in Gombe — NHRC


The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has reported that in 2023, a concerning number of fathers, specifically 106, abandoned their children in Gombe State. The revelation was made by Ali Alola-Alfinti, the Public Relations Officer of the NHRC’s Gombe State office, in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria.

Expressing apprehension over the escalating cases of child abandonment in the state, Alola-Alfinti disclosed that out of the 280 complaints addressed by the commission in 2023, 106 were related to paternal abandonment, constituting 37.9% of the total cases for the year. Paternal abandonment, as defined by Alola-Alfinti, occurs when a father neglects his responsibilities towards his children, resulting in the children being left unattended.

The NHRC official emphasized the adverse effects of paternal abandonment on the well-being of the children, affecting them psychologically, physically, and emotionally. He noted that economic factors were a major driver of this trend, with many fathers attributing their actions to challenging economic conditions.

Alola-Alfinti stressed that parents abandoning their children violated the children’s rights, emphasizing that children have the right to live and be cared for by those who brought them into the world. He highlighted the potential negative impacts of child abandonment on society, underscoring the importance of collaborative efforts among stakeholders to address the issue.

The NHRC has intensified advocacy efforts, collaborating with grassroots stakeholders to raise awareness about parental responsibilities and the consequences of child abandonment. The aim is to encourage parents to fulfill their obligations and deter the detrimental effects of child neglect on both individual children and society as a whole.

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