FCTA investigates 13 years deductions from workers salaries


The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has initiated an audit of remittances related to deductions from workers’ salaries from 2010 to 2022. The Permanent Secretary of FCTA, Olusade Adesola, officially launched the audit in Abuja on Tuesday. The purpose of this comprehensive investigation is to review both statutory and non-statutory deductions made from the payroll of the workers to ensure timely remittance to third-party beneficiaries.

Mr. Adesola emphasized that the auditing process aligns with the FCTA’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and responsible financial management. The primary objective is to prevent a situation where FCTA retirees face difficulties in claiming their National Housing Funds (NHF) contributions from the Federal Mortgage Bank.

To carry out the audit, the FCTA has engaged the services of the auditing firm M/S G.E. Osagie and Co., which will examine taxes, pension, and insurance deductions, as well as employee contributions to cooperative societies and welfare programs. The goal is to determine the total liabilities of unremitted statutory and non-statutory deductions owed to third-party beneficiaries.

Mr. Adesola highlighted the importance of promptly remitting amounts deducted from employees’ salaries to the rightful beneficiaries, as these remittances play a vital role in promoting the welfare of workers. He instructed the auditing firm to conduct the assignment in accordance with the terms, scope, and responsibilities outlined in the contract agreement.

Korede Matilukoro, Chairman of FCTA Joint Unions Action Committee, stated that the audit would cover deductions from the salaries of approximately 40,000 workers. FCTA workers have long struggled with delayed remittance of deductions to third parties, leading to difficulties in accessing loans from the Federal Mortgage Banks despite being significant contributors to the NHF. Matilukoro assured the consulting firm of the full support and cooperation of FCTA workers to ensure a smooth and successful audit exercise.

The Managing Consultant of the auditing firm, Godwin Osagie, pledged to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and transparency throughout the audit process.

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