Gaza faces ‘complete siege’ as Israel responds to Hamas attacks


The conflict between Israel and Hamas escalated significantly, leading to a surge in violence and casualties. Israel’s military continued airstrikes in Gaza, while Hamas militants fired rockets into Israeli territory. Israel’s defence minister vowed a “complete siege” of Gaza, leading to concerns about worsening humanitarian conditions for the residents of the Gaza Strip. United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres called for restraint, acknowledging Israel’s security concerns while expressing deep concern about the dire conditions faced by civilians in Gaza.

Israeli leaders promised massive retaliation for the deadly attacks launched by Hamas, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declaring that Israel’s response “will change the Middle East.” The conflict resulted in a high number of casualties on both sides, with hundreds of Israelis killed and thousands injured. In Gaza, airstrikes killed hundreds of people, injured thousands, and displaced many others. Hamas militants took hostages, including women, children, and the elderly, and threatened to execute hostages in response to Israeli strikes.

The situation led to international concerns, with the United Nations highlighting the urgent need for a humanitarian corridor to ensure the delivery of life-saving medical care and essential supplies. The World Health Organization (WHO) expressed deep concern about the impact of the conflict on Gaza’s healthcare system, emphasizing the need for unimpeded access for humanitarian personnel and essential health supplies.

Meanwhile, Israel called up about 300,000 reservists, raising fears of a potential ground invasion of Gaza. The conflict also escalated along Israel’s northern border with Lebanon, where the Shiite militant group Hezbollah launched missiles into Israel after Israeli strikes in Lebanon killed three Hezbollah fighters.

The conflict raised questions about Israel’s response and led to criticism of the slow military response. Reports suggested that Egypt had warned Israel of an imminent attack from Gaza, but Israeli officials denied receiving explicit warnings.

The situation remained tense, with the international community urging restraint and seeking a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Humanitarian concerns grew amid the escalating violence, emphasizing the urgent need for a ceasefire and efforts to address the humanitarian crisis affecting civilians in the region.

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