Gov Bago dissolves commissions, boards and parastatals in Niger


Governor Umar Bago of Niger State has made the decision to dissolve all statutory Commissions, Boards, and Parastatals in the state, as well as terminate the appointments of all political appointees. The announcement was made through a statement issued by the Secretary to the State Government, Abubakar Usman, in Minna on Monday. The dissolution and termination of appointments are to take immediate effect.

According to the statement, this decision applies to both tenured and non-tenured commissions, boards, and parastatals. The governor has urged all officials affected by the dissolution to comply with the directive.

By dissolving these entities and terminating appointments, Governor Umar Bago aims to streamline the governance structure and create an opportunity for a fresh start. This move provides an opportunity to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the existing commissions, boards, and parastatals and determine any necessary changes or improvements that need to be made.

The decision to dissolve these entities may also be driven by the governor’s desire to implement new policies and initiatives aligned with his administration’s vision for Niger State. This restructuring could involve the establishment of new commissions and boards that better reflect the current priorities and needs of the state.

It is important for the concerned officials to adhere to the directive and comply with the dissolution and termination of appointments. This will ensure a smooth transition and allow for the necessary reorganization to take place. The governor and his administration will likely work diligently to fill any vacant positions and make appointments based on merit and the specific requirements of each commission, board, or parastatal.

Governor Umar Bago’s decision reflects his commitment to effective governance and the pursuit of the best interests of Niger State. It remains to be seen what plans and strategies the governor has in store for the restructuring of these entities and how it will contribute to the overall development and progress of the state.

As part of the dissolution of statutory Commissions, Boards, and Parastatals in Niger State, Governor Umar Bago has directed all officials affected by the dissolution to hand over all government properties, including official vehicles, in their possession. The directive, issued through the Secretary to the State Government, Abubakar Usman, requires the officials to hand over the properties to the most senior director in their respective organizations.

This directive aims to ensure a smooth and orderly transition during the restructuring process. By collecting all government properties, including vehicles, the state can effectively assess its inventory and allocate resources appropriately. The handover process is crucial for maintaining accountability and preventing any misuse or mismanagement of government assets.

The governor’s directive emphasizes the importance of a seamless transfer of responsibilities and assets to avoid any disruption in the functioning of the affected organizations. It also demonstrates Governor Umar Bago’s commitment to transparent governance and responsible management of state resources.

Officials who were previously in possession of government properties, such as official vehicles, are expected to comply with the directive promptly. This will allow the state government to properly account for and redistribute these assets as necessary. By handing over the properties to the most senior director in their organizations, there is a clear chain of custody established to ensure the safekeeping of government assets.

Governor Umar Bago’s administration is likely to implement measures to monitor and manage government properties more efficiently going forward. This may involve developing comprehensive inventory systems, conducting periodic audits, and implementing stricter protocols for the use and maintenance of government assets.

The directive regarding the handover of government properties aligns with the governor’s commitment to effective governance and responsible stewardship of state resources. It sets the stage for a transparent and accountable administration as the restructuring of the dissolved entities takes place.

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