Gov. Sani lauds troops for decimating bandits in Kaduna


Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna State expressed his appreciation and commendation to the Nigerian Army for their efforts in degrading and eliminating criminal elements in the state. In a statement released by his media aide, Muhammad Lawal, the governor specifically praised the troops for their successful operations in flushing out bandits from several communities in Kagarko Local Government Area.

The governor attributed these successes to the increased surveillance and coordinated actions of the security forces in the state. He acknowledged the dedication and hard work of the troops in addressing the security challenges faced by the state.

Furthermore, Governor Uba Sani assured the public that the state government would continue to strengthen its partnerships with security forces to effectively combat both existing and emerging security threats. The collaboration between the government and the security forces has proven to be instrumental in improving the security situation in troubled areas of the state.

The deployment of a significant number of troops to the affected regions has yielded positive results, resulting in a decline in banditry and kidnapping activities. As a result, the affected communities have seen a resumption of economic activities, bringing relief to the residents who had previously lived under the constant threat of criminal elements.

The governor’s praise and support for the Nigerian Army’s efforts reflect the commitment of the Kaduna State Government to ensuring the safety and well-being of its citizens. The government’s collaborative approach with the security forces is essential in fostering a secure environment and promoting economic growth and development in the state.

The situation in Kaduna serves as a reminder of the importance of strong security measures in tackling criminal activities and restoring peace to affected areas. The state government’s proactive approach, combined with the dedication and professionalism of the Nigerian Army, offers hope for a safer and more prosperous future for the people of Kaduna.

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