“Governor Radda Announces Plan to Recruit 7,000 Permanent Teachers”


The Katsina State Government has announced its plan to hire approximately 7,000 permanent teachers across the 34 Local Government Areas of the state. This initiative aims to enhance the quality of education and address the shortage of qualified teachers in the state.

According to Ibrahim Kaula, the spokesman to Governor Dikko Radda, the announcement was made by the state’s deputy governor, Faruk Jobe, during the inauguration of the committee responsible for conducting the recruitment examination.

The recruitment of additional teachers is a significant step towards improving the education sector in Katsina State. By increasing the number of qualified teachers, the government seeks to ensure that students have access to quality education and learning opportunities. It also highlights the commitment of the state government to invest in human capital development and provide a conducive learning environment for students.

The committee responsible for conducting the recruitment examination will play a crucial role in ensuring a transparent and merit-based selection process. It is essential that the committee maintains the highest standards of professionalism, fairness, and integrity in evaluating the candidates’ qualifications and selecting the most suitable individuals for the teaching positions.

The recruitment of additional teachers is expected to have a positive impact on the overall educational development of Katsina State. It will contribute to reducing the teacher-student ratio, improving the quality of instruction, and ultimately raising the educational standards in schools across the state.

It is hoped that the successful implementation of this recruitment drive will contribute to the achievement of the state government’s goals of providing quality education and creating an enabling environment for the intellectual growth and development of the young generation in Katsina State.

During the inauguration of the committee responsible for conducting the recruitment examination, Deputy Governor Faruk Jobe announced that the Katsina State Government plans to convert S-POWER teachers into permanent teachers through the recruitment process. Currently, there are approximately 5,000 NCE/Diploma holders and 2,000 graduates working as S-POWER teachers in primary and secondary schools throughout the state.

Mr. Jobe emphasized that this initiative is aligned with the government’s commitment to improving the quality of education in Katsina State. By converting S-POWER teachers to permanent positions, the government aims to ensure that qualified and competent educators are entrusted with the responsibility of shaping the future of Katsina students.

The recruitment examination will serve as a crucial step in evaluating the qualifications and capabilities of the S-POWER teachers. Through a merit-based selection process, the government aims to identify the most suitable candidates for permanent teaching positions. This will not only enhance the quality of education but also provide job security and stability for the teachers.

By investing in the recruitment and conversion of S-POWER teachers into permanent positions, the Katsina State Government demonstrates its commitment to the continuous improvement of the education system. It recognizes the importance of having a skilled and motivated teaching workforce to drive positive educational outcomes and empower the next generation of Katsina students.

This initiative is expected to have a significant impact on the education sector, as it ensures a pipeline of qualified teachers who can provide quality instruction and guidance to students. It reflects the government’s dedication to creating an enabling environment for educational development and equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary for their future success.

Deputy Governor Faruk Jobe also highlighted the need to review the recent recruitment process that facilitated the employment of 3,889 teachers by the Katsina State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB). He emphasized that these newly employed teachers would also be required to undergo the same recruitment examinations to ensure that only competent and qualified candidates are absorbed into the teaching service. By subjecting all candidates to a standardized evaluation process, the government aims to maintain high standards of competence and proficiency among its teaching workforce.

Mr. Jobe emphasized that the recruitment processes will be conducted with rigor and adhere to principles of fairness and integrity. The committee responsible for conducting the recruitment examination has been entrusted with the important task of upholding these principles. Chaired by Sabi’u Ɗahiru and with Lurwanu Gona serving as the secretary, the committee has been granted a four-week period to complete its work and submit a comprehensive report.

The Secretary to the State Government, Ahmad Dangiwa, stressed the importance of the committee discharging its duties with utmost fairness and impartiality. This underscores the government’s commitment to ensuring a transparent and credible recruitment process that promotes equal opportunities for all applicants.

By setting up a well-structured committee and providing a reasonable timeframe for their work, the Katsina State Government demonstrates its dedication to thoroughness and efficiency in the recruitment process. The government’s emphasis on fairness, impartiality, and competence reflects its commitment to providing quality education for the students of Katsina State and nurturing a highly skilled teaching workforce.

The successful completion of the recruitment process and the selection of qualified candidates will contribute to the ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of education in Katsina State. It will ensure that capable and dedicated educators are appointed to shape the future of Katsina students, driving positive educational outcomes and fostering a conducive learning environment.

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