Gunmen kidnap APC chairman in Ekiti


Segun Dipe, the APC’s publicity secretary in Ekiti, reported that Paul Omotisho, the chairman of the All Progressive Congress in Ekiti State, was taken captive by unidentified gunmen while driving along the Agbado-Ekiti/Imesi-Ekiti Road in his Toyota Venza vehicle on Saturday.

The incident involves the abduction of Mr. Omotisho, and it is crucial that law enforcement agencies take swift action to investigate the matter, secure his release, and hold the perpetrators accountable. Safeguarding the welfare and security of individuals is of utmost importance, and it is essential to implement comprehensive security measures to prevent such incidents and ensure the protection of citizens.

According to Segun Dipe, the gunmen targeted Paul Omotisho’s vehicle and fired at one of the tires, causing it to deflate and immobilize. Subsequently, they forcibly took him and fled the scene in a Toyota Hilux van.

It is important for law enforcement agencies to act swiftly to apprehend the perpetrators, secure the safe release of Mr. Omotisho, and investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident. The safety and well-being of individuals are paramount, and efforts should be made to ensure that such acts of violence are swiftly addressed and prevented in the future.

DSP Sunday Abutu, the police spokesman in Ekiti, acknowledged the abduction of Paul Omotisho and assured that the police are actively investigating the incident. He stated that once they gather clear and reliable information, they will issue an official statement regarding the abduction.

The security agencies, including the police and Amotekun Corps, have been alerted and are working together to ensure the safe rescue of Mr. Omotisho and bring the perpetrators to justice. It is crucial for swift action to be taken in cases of abduction to ensure the safety and well-being of the victim.

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