Hollywood star, Ryan O’Neal reportedly dies at 82


Renowned Hollywood star, Ryan O’Neal has reportedly died.

The movie icon’s demise was made known Friday in a series of Instagram posts by his son Patrick who stated that his father passed away surrounded by a loving support system.

Patrick fondly described his father as his hero, emphasising the larger-than-life presence he had throughout his childhood while sharing a glimpse of his father’s illustrious career and noting how Ryan O’Neal rose to international stardom in the early 1970s with films like Love Story, What’s Up, Doc?, Paper Moon, Barry Lyndon, A Bridge Too Far, The Main Event, and The Driver, establishing himself as a Hollywood legend.

Ryan O’Neal was a renowned Hollywood star of the 1970s, recognised for his iconic roles in films like Love Story and Paper Moon. The movie star initially gained recognition in the 1960s through various US television shows before achieving global fame in 1970 with Love Story, opposite Ali MacGraw, earning him Golden Globe and Oscar nominations.

His death follows a history of two cancer diagnoses, chronic leukemia in 2001 and prostate cancer in 2012.

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