How I Got Pregnant Without S@xual Intercourse, Woman Seeking Divorce Tells Court In Kwara


In her testimony before the Kwara State judges court, Taibat Abubakar made an astonishing claim that she became pregnant without engaging in sexual intercourse with her husband, Abubakar Salihu. She stated that she is unable to explain how the pregnancy occurred without any form of vaginal penetration.

Taibat revealed that despite her lack of affection for Salihu, he persistently proposed marriage to her. She initially declined his proposal, stating that she did not love him. However, Salihu insisted that she had no choice but to accept his proposition, regardless of her feelings towards him.

The court is now tasked with examining the validity of Taibat’s claim and determining the truth behind her alleged pregnancy without sexual activity. The case raises questions about the nature of conception and the possibility of unconventional means of pregnancy.

It is essential for the court to carefully consider the evidence and testimonies presented by both parties to ensure a fair and just resolution to the matter. The case also highlights the complexities and intricacies of personal relationships and the legal issues that can arise from them.

During the proceedings, Taibat further testified that Salihu insisted on their marriage, even after she expressed her regrets about his proposition. She claimed that Salihu later informed her that she was pregnant with his child and advised her not to terminate the pregnancy.

Taibat admitted that she initially didn’t take the pregnancy seriously until she missed her period for an entire month, which heightened her concerns. As a result, she requested that the court order Salihu to pay for the child’s school expenses and also sought the dissolution of their marriage, along with a monthly payment of 10,000 for the child’s sustenance.

Salihu, on the other hand, refuted Taibat’s claims, asserting that they eventually became friends despite her initial rejection. He testified in court that he consciously engaged in physical intercourse with his wife, contradicting Taibat’s claim that the pregnancy occurred through a dream or the afterlife.

In response to the testimonies, the magistrate, Ajibade Lawal, adjourned the case until Tuesday, July 25, instructing both parties to maintain their current behavior until then.

The court’s decision will determine the resolution of the dispute, considering the conflicting testimonies and the need for a fair and equitable outcome for all parties involved.

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