Insecurity: Nigerians groan, demand new strategies


Amid rising concerns over the resurgence of insecurity in Nigeria, citizens are urging the implementation of innovative security strategies to restore peace in regions grappling with issues such as kidnapping, insurgency, and banditry. Stakeholders from various parts of the country have acknowledged the efforts of security agencies but are emphasizing the need for a comprehensive approach to effectively address the existing threats.

The collective sentiment underscores the adverse impact of criminal activities on the local economy and heightened levels of poverty in affected areas. Calls for the adoption of new security measures, coupled with intensified social and economic development, are gaining prominence. Stakeholders are also emphasizing the importance of strengthened collaboration between security forces and local authorities to enhance overall security.

Recommendations include leveraging technology for more effective tracking of criminals, implementing initiatives for sustainable livelihoods in vulnerable communities, and fostering increased inter-agency cooperation for synchronized security efforts. The pivotal roles of media, traditional institutions, and civil society organizations in shaping public perceptions and promoting national unity have also been underscored in the ongoing discussions.

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