Insecurity: Reps seek Space Force to track terrorists from orbit


The House of Representatives has issued a resounding call for the establishment of a Defence Space Force (DSF) in Nigeria, recognizing its pivotal role in effectively tackling the persistent insecurity that plagues the nation. Babajimi Benson, the Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee on the screening of service chief nominees, made this impassioned plea during the screening process held in Abuja on Monday.

Benson emphasized the urgent need for Nigeria to tap into and harness the full potential of a dedicated Defence Space Force, taking inspiration from the successful model employed by the United States of America. While acknowledging the valuable contributions of the existing Defence Space Administration (DSA), he stressed the imperative for a fully-fledged DSF that can comprehensively address potential threats arising from the cyberspace domain. By providing enhanced intelligence support to other security services, a DSF would bolster the nation’s capacity to combat evolving security challenges and safeguard its interests.

Expressing his satisfaction with the recent achievements recorded by the Nigerian military, particularly over the past year, Benson applauded the professionalism and unwavering dedication to duty demonstrated by the armed forces. He called for effective collaboration and coordination among all security agencies to ensure the complete neutralization of security threats, thereby creating an environment of peace and security for all Nigerians.

Benson reiterated that the responsibility of securing the lives and property of Nigerians is a shared duty that extends to all branches of government. As the legislative arm of the government, the House of Representatives is steadfast in its commitment to enacting laws and providing the necessary legislative framework to facilitate good governance and peaceful coexistence. Benson assured the service chief nominees that the House would continue to lend unwavering support to the government’s vision of maintaining peace and security across the country.

Furthermore, Benson emphasized the House’s dedication to conducting rigorous oversight exercises to ensure strict adherence to the provisions of all appropriation Acts by the Armed Forces of Nigeria. This critical oversight function will foster transparency, accountability, and the efficient utilization of allocated resources within the security sector.

In conclusion, Benson urged the service chief nominees to foster a collaborative relationship with the National Assembly while fulfilling their constitutional duties. By working together harmoniously, they can ensure the successful realization of a peaceful, secure, and prosperous Nigeria for all citizens. The establishment of a Defence Space Force will serve as a significant step forward in enhancing the nation’s security architecture and effectively addressing the ever-evolving security challenges in the cyberspace domain. The House of Representatives remains steadfast in its commitment to providing the necessary support and legislative backing to facilitate these crucial developments, as they are pivotal to the nation’s progress and the well-being of its citizens.

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