Insecurity threatening education in Northern Nigeria, says Rep. Jaji


Representative Sani Jaji, a prominent member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) from Zamfara State, has raised a clarion call regarding the safety of children in schools across several regions in Northern Nigeria. His concerns stem from the relentless wave of kidnappings and the nefarious activities of bandits that have plunged many communities into a state of fear and anxiety.

Addressing the media in Abuja, Representative Jaji highlighted the prevailing terror that these criminal activities have instilled in the hearts of many residents. This atmosphere of fear, he pointed out, has not only jeopardized the safety of children but has also significantly impacted the education system in Northern Nigeria. Despite parliamentary discussions, motions, and calls on security agencies, there has been a palpable lack of tangible solutions to curb these alarming trends.

In his address, Representative Jaji underscored the urgent need for a unified front comprising both the Federal and State Governments. He emphasized that it is imperative for the authorities to confront this issue with utmost sincerity and dedication. The gravity of the situation, he insisted, necessitates a comprehensive and strategic approach, far beyond mere political rhetoric.

Moreover, Jaji stressed the vital importance of raising nationwide awareness about the acute security challenges faced not only by Zamfara State but also by the broader North-West region. He emphasized that the lives and properties of the people should never be subject to political maneuvering.

One of the critical concerns raised by Representative Jaji was the apparent discrepancy between the stance of the federal government and the stark realities on the ground. Particularly, he mentioned the questionable efficacy of the dialogue approach with bandits. The recent tragic incident involving the kidnapping of students from Federal University Gusau, following purported dialogues, has raised significant doubts about the current strategies in place.

This incident has prompted influential figures, including public representatives like Jaji, to call for a more pragmatic, robust, and holistic strategy in addressing the escalating insecurity crisis. The call to action is not just a plea for the safety of schoolchildren; it is a demand for a fundamental transformation in the security landscape of Northern Nigeria. Representative Jaji’s impassioned appeal serves as a reminder that the security and future of an entire generation are hanging in the balance, urging swift and decisive measures to restore safety, peace, and stability to the region.

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