Israeli airstrikes displace about 264,000 Palestinians in Gaza – UN


The ongoing conflict between Israeli forces and Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip has led to a dire humanitarian crisis, with the UN’s humanitarian relief agency reporting the displacement of a staggering 264,000 Palestinians. These displaced individuals are currently struggling for shelter, seeking refuge in school buildings, cramped quarters with relatives, or neighboring households, as stated by the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

The conflict erupted when Hamas, the militant group governing Gaza, launched a large-scale attack against Israel, resulting in a devastating toll. The violence has claimed the lives of at least 1,200 people and led to the abduction of around 100 others. In response, Israel has undertaken continuous airstrikes in the densely populated coastal enclave, exacerbating an already dire situation.

The casualties on the Palestinian side have been profound, with health officials in Gaza reporting a devastating death toll of at least 900 people. OCHA has documented Israeli airstrikes targeting several residential buildings in Gaza, causing widespread destruction. The Ministry of Public Works and Housing in Gaza has reported the destruction or severe damage of over 1,500 housing units, leaving a significant portion of the population homeless.

Additionally, the conflict has severely impacted the region’s infrastructure. OCHA revealed that five facilities providing essential water and sanitation services for half a million people were damaged, further exacerbating the humanitarian crisis. It is crucial to emphasize that the affected population includes more than two million individuals, emphasizing the urgent need for international intervention and support to alleviate the suffering and address the escalating humanitarian emergency in the Gaza Strip.

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