Jay Boogie insists he did not scam Nigerians


Popular Nigerian transgender, Daniel Nsikan, popularly known as Jay Boogie, has maintained that he did not scam or deceive Nigerians as he debunks social media claims against him.

Jay Boogie had been accused of developing critical health issues following an alleged botched BBL surgery – a situation which led him/her to call for help from the public recently and suffered harsh criticism from one Doctor Loveth and influencer Tosin Silverdam, amongst others.

Jay Boogie

Responding to allegations against him, Jay Boogie in a recent interview with blogger Egungun debunked lying about his medical state, saying he did not deceive Nigerians as being peddled.

He said, “Let me kneel and apologise. Nigerians, I’m sorry. I never scammed or defrauded Nigerians; it was all fake news. I can’t go around in circles. I just wanted to get well and come out and clear my name, and I’m sorry if anyone felt that way; I’m not that kind of person.

“I already posted what happened and even sought help, and people reached out. Doctor Loveth and one other lady reached out. I stopped things with the GoFundMe because I noticed something fishy.

“People who came to see me at the hospital just came for pictures. It was during that period that fake news about a botched BBL surgery started trending.

“I was eventually chased out of the hospital as the hospital was also trying to protect its name. I am better now but will continue to seek treatment.

“If not for you Nigerians I won’t be alive today. Thank you so much for the donations and may the good Lord bless you.”

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