“Kaduna Police Arrest 207 Individuals Including Phone Snatchers and Thugs”


According to DSP Mohammed Jalige, the police spokesman in Kaduna State, a total of 207 suspects involved in phone snatching, ATM card swapping, armed robbery, and thuggery were apprehended by the police within the past week. These arrests were made during targeted raids on known black spots in the state.

The police operation was aimed at curbing the rising cases of phone snatching, which has become a common criminal activity in the area. Additionally, suspects involved in other criminal activities such as ATM card swapping, armed robbery, and thuggery were also apprehended during the raids.

The arrests serve as a strong message to criminals operating in Kaduna State, highlighting the commitment of the police to maintain law and order in the community. These efforts are crucial in ensuring the safety and security of the residents, as well as deterring criminal activities.

The police will continue their vigilance and efforts to combat crime in the state, sending a clear message that criminal activities will not be tolerated. The arrested suspects will face legal proceedings, and the police will work diligently to gather evidence and build strong cases against them.

The public is encouraged to remain vigilant, report suspicious activities to the police, and take necessary precautions to protect themselves and their belongings. Cooperation between law enforcement agencies and the community is essential in creating a safe and secure environment for all residents of Kaduna State.

According to DSP Mohammed Jalige, some of the arrested suspects have already been charged in court, while others are still undergoing investigation. This demonstrates the proactive approach of the police in swiftly processing cases and ensuring that those involved in criminal activities are brought to justice.

The suspects who have been charged in court will have their day in the legal system, where their cases will be heard and a judgment will be made based on the evidence presented. The police will work closely with the relevant authorities and legal institutions to ensure a thorough and fair judicial process.

For those who are still under investigation, the police will continue to gather evidence, conduct interviews, and follow all necessary procedures to build strong cases against them. This investigative process is crucial in ensuring that all relevant information is collected and presented before taking legal action.

The efforts of the police to charge some suspects in court while continuing the investigation of others demonstrate their commitment to swift and thorough law enforcement. This approach is essential in upholding the rule of law, deterring criminal activities, and ensuring justice is served.

The public can have confidence that the police are actively working to hold those responsible for criminal acts accountable and maintain the safety and security of the community.

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