KASU debunks Islamisation agenda in appointing principal officers


The management of Kaduna State University (KASU) has issued a statement urging the university community and the public to disregard fake news regarding an alleged Islamisation agenda within the institution. In a special bulletin signed by the Registrar of KASU, Samira Balarabe, it was emphasized that appointments of principal officers and staff within the university are based on merit and not on any religious or sectarian considerations.

The bulletin clarified that the university’s Governing Council, led by the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman, is empowered to appoint principal officers such as the Registrar, Bursar, and University Librarian. The Governor of Kaduna State, as the visitor to the university, approves the appointments after a thorough screening and interview process.

Regarding the appointment of Deputy Vice-Chancellors, the Vice-Chancellor recommends candidates to the Senate after following due process. The Senate then approves the appointments through a free and fair election conducted during a Senate meeting.

The statement emphasized that staff appointments at KASU are based on track record and proven capacity of the individuals in their respective fields. The management of the university is committed to transforming KASU into a world-class institution that excels in teaching, research, community service, and revenue generation.

KASU has been recognized for its achievements in various fields, including its College of Medicine, which is considered one of the best in Africa. The college has made significant contributions in the field of public health and has developed innovative healthcare solutions that have positively impacted communities. The College of Medicine is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools and its MBBS program is recognized by the General Medical Council of the UK and the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates of the USA.

The statement also highlighted KASU’s entrepreneurial programs, which have nurtured and supported the growth of successful startups, fostering a culture of innovation and economic development.

The management of KASU reiterated its commitment to providing an inclusive and enriching environment that promotes learning, research, and community engagement. The university remains focused on its mission to become a world-class institution that nurtures talent, drives innovation, and positively impacts society.

The statement from KASU serves to address and refute the false allegations of an Islamisation agenda, reaffirming the university’s commitment to merit-based appointments and academic excellence. It aims to reassure the university community and the public of KASU’s integrity and dedication to providing quality education and contributing to societal development.

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