Kebbi governor sacks aide for posting pornography on WhatsApp status


Governor Nasiru Idris of Kebbi State has taken the decision to dismiss his special adviser on Youth, Babangida Sarki, following allegations that he posted gay pornography on his WhatsApp status. According to reports, Mr. Sarki unintentionally shared a short video of gay pornography on his status on Sunday. The video, which was seen by his contacts, including the governor, generated strong disapproval and led to his dismissal.

The incident underscores the seriousness with which the issue of inappropriate content is being addressed, particularly in public positions. Governor Idris’ decision to take swift action demonstrates his commitment to upholding moral standards and maintaining the integrity of his administration. The dismissal of Mr. Sarki serves as a clear message that such behavior is not acceptable and will not be tolerated in public service.

It is essential for public officials to uphold ethical standards and be mindful of their actions, especially in the era of social media where posts can be easily shared and accessed by a wide audience. By taking decisive action, Governor Idris sends a strong signal about the importance of responsible behavior and accountability in public office.

In a statement released on Monday, the spokesman for Governor Nasiru Idris of Kebbi State, Ahmed Idris, highlighted that the content posted by Babangida Sarki “trampled on the moral and social ethos of the Kebbi society, which is largely Islamic.” The governor’s spokesman emphasized the importance of upholding the values and cultural norms of the community, which is predominantly influenced by Islamic principles.

The statement suggests that the governor’s decision to dismiss Mr. Sarki was driven by the perceived violation of societal norms and values that are deeply ingrained in the Islamic traditions and teachings followed by the majority of the people in Kebbi State. It reflects the governor’s commitment to maintaining the integrity and preserving the cultural fabric of the state, aligning with the principles and expectations of the society he serves.

By addressing the issue from a cultural and religious standpoint, the governor’s spokesman affirms the significance of respecting the sensitivities and beliefs of the community. The statement serves to underline the importance of adhering to social norms and upholding the moral values that are deeply rooted in the local culture.

In response to the incident, the governor’s spokesman expressed strong condemnation of the action taken by the dismissed aide and issued a stern warning to all public officials against engaging in behaviors that could tarnish the reputation of the state. The statement emphasized that Governor Nasiru Idris is determined to uphold the moral and ethical standards of the people of Kebbi State and will not tolerate any acts that undermine their integrity.

Furthermore, the governor cautioned other public officers to refrain from making similar offensive posts on their social media platforms or in public forums. The statement reaffirmed the governor’s commitment to maintaining the moral fabric of the state and protecting the dignity and reputation of its residents.

When reached for comment, Babangida Sarki denied being responsible for the posting of the explicit video on his WhatsApp status. He attributed it to the actions of his adversaries, stating that he accepted the governor’s decision with humility. Mr. Sarki expressed his belief that God knows what is right and acknowledged the need to accept the circumstances with grace.

The governor’s response, as conveyed by his spokesman, reflects a commitment to upholding moral values and maintaining the reputation of the state. The dismissal of the aide serves as a reminder to public officials of the importance of their conduct and the need to act in a manner consistent with the expectations and cultural norms of the community they serve.

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