Lagbaja seeks support for Nigerian Army for effective service delivery


Major-General Taoreed Lagbaja, the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), emphasized the importance of ongoing support for the Nigerian Army in its efforts to safeguard the country’s territorial integrity. He made this appeal during the Interdenominational Church Service held at the Mogadishu Military Cantonment in Abuja to commemorate the 2023 Nigerian Army Day Celebration (NADCEL).

The theme of the celebration was “Sound Administration as Panacea for Effective Military Operation.” This theme highlights the significance of efficient and effective administrative practices in enhancing the overall operational effectiveness of the military.

The COAS’s message serves as a reminder of the Army’s commitment to protecting the nation and underlines the need for continued support from the Nigerian people in achieving this crucial goal.

During the Interdenominational Church Service, Major-General Taoreed Lagbaja reflected on the Nigerian Army’s journey since its establishment in 1865. He acknowledged the Army’s commitment to fulfilling its mandate of safeguarding the country’s territorial integrity, albeit facing various challenges along the way.

The COAS expressed his appreciation for the dedication and response of the troops in addressing the security challenges across the nation. He assured Nigerians that the Army would continue to tackle these challenges and meet the expectations of the country in providing a secure environment for economic activities to flourish.

Major-General Lagbaja emphasized the importance of ongoing support from the Nigerian people and urged them to pledge their unwavering loyalty to the constitution and the government. By rallying behind the Army, he believed that together they could overcome security challenges and ensure a peaceful and prosperous Nigeria.

Major-General Lagbaja highlighted the significant achievements of the Nigerian Army, particularly in the ongoing fight against insurgency, banditry, and other forms of criminality across various operational theaters in the country.

He emphasized the army’s close coordination with sister-services and other security agencies, working together to sustain pressure on the country’s adversaries. In the North-East theater, for example, their collective efforts under “Operation Hadin Kai” have yielded substantial successes.

Major-General Lagbaja noted that over a hundred thousand members of the Boko Haram and Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) terrorist groups have surrendered to the Nigerian troops. This signifies a positive development in the fight against insurgency and a significant blow to the activities of these extremist groups.

The COAS’s remarks highlighted the progress made by the Nigerian Army in addressing security challenges and demonstrated the army’s commitment to protecting the nation and restoring peace and stability in affected regions.

Major-General Lagbaja highlighted the significant contribution of the Nigerian Army, in collaboration with sister-services and other security agencies, in creating a more stable environment for governance and economic activities to thrive. These accomplishments have had a positive impact on various sectors of the country.

He also emphasized the army’s achievements in combating other forms of criminality such as banditry and illegal oil bunkering. Their operations have been instrumental in reducing violent acts and creating a safer atmosphere in affected areas.

Additionally, Major-General Lagbaja acknowledged the important role of the Nigerian Army in consolidating democracy in the country. He commended the army’s professionalism and unwavering loyalty to the constitution, particularly in supporting the smooth conduct of elections since 1999. This support and dedication deserve recognition and appreciation from the Nigerian people.

Overall, the COAS highlighted the multiple dimensions in which the Nigerian Army has made significant contributions to national security, stability, and democratic processes in the country.

Major-General Lagbaja reiterated the Nigerian Army’s unwavering commitment to defending the nation’s constitution and protecting the territorial integrity of Nigeria. He emphasized the importance of the unalloyed support of Nigerians in achieving the army’s core mandate.

The acting director of Chaplain Services Protestant, Lieutenant Colonel Bilson Newton, also praised the Nigerian Army for reaching another milestone in its anniversary celebration. He urged the army to redouble its efforts in tackling security threats and addressing them directly.

Both Major-General Lagbaja and Lieutenant Colonel Newton emphasized the importance of continuous dedication and vigilance in ensuring the safety and security of the country.

Lieutenant Colonel Newton emphasized the collective responsibility of all individuals in supporting the military operation and ensuring its success. He urged Nigerians to fulfill their roles in their respective areas and expressed the importance of appreciating the efforts of security personnel who work tirelessly to maintain peace and tranquility in the country.

By recognizing the contributions of security personnel and actively playing their own part, Nigerians can contribute to creating a safe and secure environment for all. This collaborative effort between the military and civilians is crucial in maintaining peace and fostering a sense of unity and stability in the nation.

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