Meet the First Military Officer to Become A Professor in the History of Nigeria


A Nigerian Army officer, Lt. Colonel Surajo Imam has broken record by becoming the first military officer to become a Professor in the history of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA)

Reports also have it that, Col Dipo Falowo- Geography; Maj. Gen SK Oni- Chem; Col Ajibola- Maths- Asso Prof, Col. Adegboye -French to mention but a few were said to hold a Ph.D. too

Lt Col Abubakar Surajo Imam from the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Nigerian Army NA was an Associate Professor at Nigerian Defence Academy NDA Kaduna before bagging his PhD.

He is a lecturer and head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Nigerian Defence NDA and a proud author of many books.

Lt. Colonel Surajo Imam’s accomplishment of becoming the first military officer to hold a professorship at the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) is a significant achievement. His background as an Army officer, coupled with his academic pursuits, highlights the diverse capabilities and talents within the military community.

It’s also noteworthy that other military personnel such as Col Dipo Falowo in Geography, Maj. Gen SK Oni in Chemistry, Col Ajibola in Mathematics, and Col. Adegboye in French, as mentioned in the report, have obtained Ph.D. degrees. This showcases a trend of military officers pursuing advanced academic qualifications alongside their service commitments.

Lt. Col. Abubakar Surajo Imam’s role as a lecturer and head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Nigerian Defence Academy reflects his dedication to both education and his military responsibilities. His authorship of multiple books further highlights his contributions to academia and knowledge dissemination.

This kind of dual expertise, where military personnel engage in advanced academic pursuits while also serving their country, can lead to a more enriched and multifaceted military organization. It allows for the integration of practical experience with theoretical knowledge, potentially resulting in innovative solutions to complex challenges.

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