Ministerial list: Coalition urges Tinubu to ensure 35 per cent women representation


A coalition of women’s groups in Nigeria has called upon President Bola Tinubu to fulfill his campaign promise of ensuring at least 35 percent women representation in his cabinet. The coalition, comprising the Nigerian Women’s Trust Fund (NWTF), Sustainable Gender Action (SGA), International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA), and the Nigerian Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ), issued a joint statement in Abuja on Monday, expressing concerns over the recent appointments made by the president.

According to the statement, Nigerians have expressed apprehension regarding the president’s commitment to affirmative action, given that only 25 percent of women serve as special assistants, and a mere 15 percent hold positions as personal aides. The coalition highlighted that other African countries have made significant progress in achieving women’s representation, and they urged the new administration to uphold the 35 percent affirmative action target.

The women’s groups called upon other organizations to join them in advocating for opportunities and stressed the importance of visiting the first lady, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, to lobby for the consideration of the 35 percent quota for women in the ministerial list. They also emphasized the need for intensified media engagement to raise awareness and advocate for the 35 percent affirmative action for women.

The coalition argued that having 35 percent women as ministers would not only signify good governance but also demonstrate a commitment to fairness and gender equity. They highlighted the current absence of women in policy-making processes in Nigeria and referred to the APC’s campaign action plan, which pledged to increase women’s participation to at least 35 percent in all government positions.

While acknowledging that no government since the fourth republic has achieved the appointment of 35 percent women as ministers, the women’s groups expressed hope that President Tinubu would fulfill this promise and appoint 35 percent women to his ministerial cabinet. They believe that such a step would benefit the progress and development of Nigeria.

The coalition’s statement serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of gender equality and the need for increased women’s representation in positions of power and decision-making. By advocating for the fulfillment of the 35 percent affirmative action, the women’s groups are striving to create a more inclusive and equitable society where women’s voices are heard and their perspectives are incorporated into the governance and development processes of Nigeria.

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