Minna Emir’s palace attack: Police alleges in-house conspiracy


Police Commissioner Ogundele Ayodeji of Niger State has revealed that a preliminary investigation indicates an internal conspiracy in the robbery attack that occurred at the Emir of Minna Palace on Tuesday.

Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the G-7 states Technical Committee Meeting in Abuja on Wednesday, Mr. Ayodeji mentioned that the incident involved the attack on the palace in the afternoon, resulting in the deaths of two palace guards and the theft of N3.3 million.

According to Police Commissioner Ogundele Ayodeji, the ongoing investigation indicates that the robbers collaborated with an individual within the palace to carry out the crime.

The commissioner explained that his officers are currently pursuing the criminals and expressed confidence that they would be apprehended in due course.

He provided details of the incident, stating that he received a call at around 3:00 p.m. during the G-7 states Technical Committee Meeting in Abuja, informing him of a robbery attack at the Emir of Minna Palace.

The hoodlums allegedly followed the palace cashier up to the palace gate. As the cashier was about to enter, the criminals fired shots, resulting in the death of two palace guards. The robbers then made off with N3.3 million.

Commissioner Ayodeji mentioned that based on the reports received, it appears that there was a collaboration within the palace regarding the crime. However, he expressed confidence in the eventual arrest of the criminals.

Police Commissioner Ogundele Ayodeji described the G-7 platform, consisting of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and six neighboring states, as a vital tool in combating cross-border crimes among the member states.

He explained that the G-7 technical committee comprises security chiefs from the FCT, Benue, Kaduna, Kogi, Nasarawa, Niger, and Plateau States.

The commissioner expressed that the meeting was long overdue and emphasized that joint actions, operations, and the pursuit of bandits within the member states would be conducted simultaneously.

He highlighted the importance of synchronized operations, stating that if one state conducts an operation, the bandits might flee to another state. However, by coordinating efforts simultaneously, criminal and banditry activities can be significantly reduced.

The G-7 initiative was established in 2007 by the former Minister of the FCT, Dr. Modibbo Umar, to address the issue of criminality affecting the FCT and its neighboring states, including Benue, Kaduna, Kogi, Nasarawa, Niger, and Plateau.

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