“Miraculous Escape: Children Unharmed as Ceiling Fan Falls While They Sleep”


According to a mother of two, she narrated how her children were saved from a falling ceiling fan.

I cannot remain silent about this incident. If the outcome had been different, the words “Rest in Peace” attached to my children’s photos would have echoed louder than anything else.
I have heard of casualties resulting from fallen ceiling fans, but no one could have predicted this. Last night, around 11:15 pm, right before my husband and I, the fan we had been using suddenly fell without any warning signs or sound.
I am in awe of how Almighty God positioned our children and guided them to one corner despite their usual acrobatic sleeping positions. Neither my husband nor I chose to sit by that spot, as we usually do. It was as if a divine force protected them.
The sharp blades of the falling fan did not touch them, and they remained unharmed despite the heavy engine within it. Looking at these photos, you can see how they kept changing positions within the time it took for me to capture these shots. They could have rolled to the exact spot where the fan fell. The spinning fan could have sliced the boy’s feet. So many “what if” scenarios come to mind.
Once again, our shield and protector intervened. Please join us in rejoicing and sharing our gratitude. I am that person who was saved by Jesus.
Notice how peacefully they slept through it all, shifting positions here and there, completely unaware of the battles the enemy waged against them. It was all the work of our Heavenly Father! 💪💪💪

(c) Yvonne Stanley

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