Mr Macaroni fumes over fan’s comment, calls followers “bunch of hypocrites”


Popular skit maker, Mr Macaroni recently referred to his followers as “bloody hypocrites” after some fans tried to drag him over a post he made.

Mr Macaroni had made a post on X describing a certain clergyman as a “strange pastor” while alleging that the said man of God talked down on his contents in a viral video.

Without mentioning names, the popular skit maker claimed that the Pastor’s preaching in the said video was built on half truth.

He wrote, “I just saw a very strange video from a strange pastor whose preaching in the said video was built on half truth. I know what you are pregnant with sir. Lies and deceit. I use my contents to teach, inform and educate society. Some see it, some don’t!

“The Holy Bible that you preach with tells us all types of stories in different ways. Stories of Philanderers, cheats, liars, murderers and so on and there are always things to learn from these stories.

“It’s ok if you don’t see that my contents are an imitation of life and every content teaches its own lesson in its own way. What I won’t have is you reduce my brand which I have built on the core values of Theatre to the limited perversion of your strange mind.

“I know what I do with my contents and millions of people do to. It’s ok if you don’t understand it or can’t relate with it but please don’t use my name or brand to give mischievous illustrations. It is strange for a man of God to be deceitful.

Do better”

Reacting, a fan tagged the post and made a remark, questioning Mr Macaroni’s choice of words.

The fan wrote, “A comedian now can call a Man Of God a “strange preacher” Na we ourselves dey cause this kind thing sha.”

However, the comment didn’t go down well, with the skit maker who retired angrily referencing the comments and others who have done similar as he accused such individuals of hypocricy.

Mr Macaroni wrote again, “I usually do not address issues this way so I sincerely apologize to all my followers. Please.

“But E No Go better for all of Una!!! So a Preacher can call a Comedian Strange but the Comedian can’t return the favor?

“I say e no go better for all of una!!! Bloody hypocrites!!!”

“Again, the preacher didn’t mention my name and I didn’t mention the name of the preacher or any other person. I try my best to be respectful always but please stop pushing me.

“I won’t address this matter again.

“I apologize once again!!!

“But for the last time E NO GO BETTER FOR ALL OF UNA!!!!”

While comments have been pouring in, the skit maker do not feel sorry for such remarks against men he tagged “Bloody hypocrites.”

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