NSCDC arrests 45 suspected criminals in Kano

Certainly, here is a more detailed version of the information provided:

The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) has taken significant strides in maintaining law and order within Kano State, apprehending a total of 45 individuals suspected of criminal activities. This development was confirmed by DSC Ibrahim Idris-Abdullahi, the corps’ spokesperson in the state, in an official statement released to the media in Kano on Friday.

According to Idris-Abdullahi, a majority of the suspects, precisely 41, were arrested in the early hours of October 5 during a routine night patrol conducted by the corps’ armed squad in the bustling city of Kano. The swift operation led to the apprehension of these individuals, disrupting potential criminal activities that might have taken place under the cover of darkness. Additionally, another four suspects were captured within the confines of a club house, adding to the total number of arrests made by the NSCDC.

In a separate incident, the NSCDC’s Anti-Vandalism Unit, in collaboration with local vigilante groups, apprehended four more individuals suspected of vandalism. These suspects were allegedly involved in the heinous act of stealing electric transformer attachments, creating a wave of fear and insecurity in the Riga Fada neighborhood. Their criminal actions resulted in substantial financial losses, with Kano Electricity Distribution Company (KEDCO) estimating the damages to their equipment at a staggering N1.5 million.

Idris-Abdullahi stressed that these arrested individuals are currently undergoing a meticulous profiling process. This process is essential for gathering detailed information about their backgrounds, affiliations, and previous criminal records, if any. Once the profiling is complete, appropriate legal actions will be taken against the suspects, ensuring that they face the consequences of their alleged crimes.

The spokesperson further emphasized the NSCDC’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding the state’s critical national assets and infrastructure. By diligently enforcing the law and bringing criminals to justice, the NSCDC continues to play a vital role in maintaining peace and security within Kano State, fostering an environment where residents can live and work without fear.

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