Oyo husband rapes wife’s apprentice, victim commits suicide


Sixteen-year-old Olayemi Agbeloba tragically died by suicide after reportedly being raped by a man identified as Ajibode, the husband of her boss. The incident occurred at their residence in the Eruwa community, located in the Ibarapa Local Government Area of Oyo State.

Following the assault, Ajibode, a welder by profession, allegedly threatened to harm the minor if she disclosed the incident to anyone.

According to information gathered by PUNCH Metro, Agbeloba was apprenticed to Ajibode’s wife at the time of her death. She had been learning fashion design from her and was residing with the couple to assist with domestic duties.

However, the situation took a tragic turn when the minor was asleep in a room at the couple’s residence, and Ajibode entered and sexually assaulted her on June 23, 2023.

Disturbed by the traumatic experience caused by Ajibode’s actions, the minor reportedly consumed a substance suspected to be insecticide, resulting in her death from its toxicity.

Agbeloba’s father, Sunday, devastated by the circumstances leading to his daughter’s alleged suicide, reported the incident to the Eruwa Police Station in his quest for justice.

However, he expressed his sorrow that during the police investigation, Ajibode was taken into custody, and he added that the suspect had been bragging about the unlikelihood of justice being served in the situation.

Sunday explained, “Earlier this year, Olayemi went to live at Ajibode’s wife’s house because my wife and I made the decision that she should learn a trade. She had been residing with Ajibode and his wife for approximately six months when we received the shocking news of her passing.”

Subsequently, we learned that Ajibode had raped my daughter, which led her to ingest an insecticide. Medical professionals at the hospital, where she was taken for treatment after consuming the insecticide, confirmed this. At the hospital, we were also informed that before my daughter’s demise, she disclosed that Ajibode had raped her, which drove her to consume the toxic substance.

“I reported the incident to the Eruwa Police Station, and he was apprehended but later released. Since then, Ajibode has been boasting about his connections and asserting that there is nothing we can do to bring him to justice. He violated my daughter, prompting her to take her own life, yet he remains confident that he will escape the consequences.”

Speaking through tears, Agbeloba’s mother, Folake, fervently demanded justice for her daughter and revealed that her daughter had previously confided in her about Ajibode disturbing her during her sleep at night.

In a sorrowful tone, she uttered, “I am unable to articulate my thoughts at the moment because my daughter has been taken away from me. Is it a punishable offense for someone to pursue an apprenticeship? Ajibode violated my daughter by committing rape, and he, along with his wife, is attempting to conceal this heinous act. My daughter’s life has been tragically cut short due to Ajibode’s actions.”

With tears streaming down her face, she revealed, “There was a time when my daughter confided in me that her boss’s husband would frequently disturb her during the night when she went to sleep at their house. I had contemplated bringing her back home, but I also wanted her to complete her apprenticeship. Just look at what they have done to my child.”

When our correspondent requested the distressed parents to provide Ajibode’s mobile number for an interview, they informed him that they did not have his number. Instead, they offered the contact number of Ajibode’s wife, suggesting that she might have his number.

On Thursday, our correspondent reached out to Ajibode’s wife, but she declined to speak and refused to provide her husband’s mobile number. She stated, “I am unable to talk right now. I am sleeping, and I don’t know you. I cannot comment on that matter. I would prefer to meet you in person before saying anything.”

When contacted, the state Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Asewale Onifeso, commented, “A case of homicide was reported at the Eruwa Divisional Police Headquarters. It appears to involve an act of defilement. However, investigations are being expedited. Further updates will be provided as necessary.”

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