PDP governors meet in Abuja, to discuss unity, progressive agenda


The Peoples Democratic Party Governors Forum (PDP-GF) has scheduled a meeting to take place on Tuesday in Abuja. The forum, under the leadership of Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State, will discuss both the state of the party and the nation as a whole.

In a statement issued by the Director-General of the forum, CID Maduabum, it was announced that this inaugural meeting would outline the agenda and direction of the PDP-GF. This will be the first meeting since Governor Mohammed and Seminalayi Fubara were elected as Chairman and Vice Chairman of the forum in June.

The meeting is set to commence at 1 p.m. and will bring together PDP governors from different states across the country. It is expected that the governors will engage in robust discussions on various issues affecting the party and the nation, and strategize on the way forward.

The PDP-GF serves as a platform for coordination and collaboration among PDP governors, allowing them to share ideas, exchange experiences, and contribute to the development and growth of the party. The forum plays a crucial role in shaping the party’s policies and positions, as well as providing a united front in national issues.

The outcome of the meeting will be significant in determining the direction and priorities of the PDP and its governors in the coming months. It is an opportunity for the governors to strengthen their unity, reaffirm their commitment to the party, and chart a path towards achieving their collective goals for the betterment of Nigeria.

During the upcoming meeting of the Peoples Democratic Party Governors Forum (PDP-GF), key issues concerning the state of the nation will be deliberated. This includes recent political, social, and economic developments in the country. The governors will engage in discussions to assess the current situation and strategize on how to address various challenges.

Furthermore, the meeting will focus on the state of the forum itself, evaluating its progress and outlining future plans. The role of PDP governors in stabilizing both the party and the nation will be emphasized, recognizing their importance in providing leadership and guidance.

The newly elected leadership of the forum, Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State and Vice Chairman Seminalayi Fubara, are expected to present their unity and progressive agenda. This agenda will serve as a roadmap for the PDP-GF, highlighting their vision for the party and the nation as a whole.

By discussing these critical topics, the PDP-GF aims to foster cohesion, unity, and effective governance within the party and contribute to the overall development and progress of Nigeria. The decisions and resolutions reached during this meeting will shape the future direction of the PDP and its governors, as they work towards achieving their collective goals and aspirations for the betterment of the country.

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