Plateau crisis: Troops eliminate 3 bandits in Mangu, recover weapons


Troops from the 3 Division of the Nigerian Army were deployed to Mangu Local Government Area in Plateau State to restore peace and quell the ongoing crisis. On Wednesday, these troops achieved a significant victory by neutralizing three bandits in the general area. The Director of Army Public Relations, Brigadier General Onyema Nwachukwu, released a statement in Abuja confirming this success.

Brigadier General Nwachukwu stated that the troops encountered an ambush set up by the bandits while responding to a distress call in the Mangu area. Despite the unexpected attack, the troops demonstrated their bravery and fought gallantly, overpowering the criminals. In the process, they eliminated three bandits.

The successful operation also led to the recovery of valuable items from the bandits. The troops confiscated three AK-47 rifles, along with 14 rounds of 7.62 mm special rounds. Additionally, they seized a motorcycle that was being used by the criminals during their illicit activities. Interestingly, a Constabulary Police Identity card was also found among the possessions of the bandits, raising concerns about the involvement of law enforcement officers in criminal activities.

Brigadier General Nwachukwu emphasized that the troops conducted thorough clearance operations following the ambush. Their efforts yielded positive results as they successfully neutralized the immediate threat posed by the bandits. However, the fight against criminal elements is far from over. The troops are actively pursuing the bandits who managed to escape with gunshot wounds during the firefight. They are determined to apprehend these fugitives and bring them to justice.

The Nigerian Army remains committed to ensuring the safety and security of the people, particularly in areas affected by violence and criminal activities. The swift response and effective operations by the troops in Mangu demonstrate their dedication to maintaining peace and restoring stability in Plateau State. The Nigerian Army will continue to work in collaboration with other security agencies to combat banditry, insurgency, and other forms of criminality across the country.

As the troops relentlessly pursue the remaining bandits, it is hoped that their efforts will serve as a deterrent to other criminal elements. The people of Plateau State can find solace in the fact that their security forces are actively engaged in countering threats and protecting lives and property. The neutralization of these three bandits sends a strong message that criminal activities will not be tolerated, and those who engage in such acts will face the full wrath of the law.

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