Plateau killings: Rep. Bagos releases names of constituents killed by bandits, advocates self-defence


Dachung Bagos, the representative of Jos South/Jos North federal constituency, has revealed the names of his constituents who lost their lives in an attack carried out by bandits in Turu, Jos South local government area of Plateau State. In a statement issued on Monday, Mr. Bagos stated that over 19 individuals were killed, and numerous houses and properties were destroyed during a series of attacks that occurred between Saturday and Sunday in various parts of the state.

Expressing deep sorrow over the recurring incidents of violence, Mr. Bagos called upon the citizens to stand up and protect themselves against such brutal attacks. His statement highlights the urgent need for the people to take proactive measures to ensure their safety and security in the face of continuous threats.

Dachung Bagos emphasized that the 1999 Constitution grants citizens the right to self-defense and urges them to exercise this right in light of the prevailing circumstances. He expressed his deep concern over the continuous attacks and killings of innocent citizens in Plateau State, particularly in Riyom, Barkin Ladi, and Mangu. He noted that since May 2023, hundreds of lives have been lost, and villagers live in constant fear, unable to carry out their daily activities such as farming. Displaced persons’ camps have been taken over, and farmlands have been destroyed, causing immense hardship for the affected communities.

Highlighting the recent incidents, Mr. Bagos revealed that on Saturday, 12 people were killed in Mangu, and just the previous night, seven of his constituents, who worked as miners, were targeted and brutally murdered. He condemned these acts as being barbaric and called for swift action to address the security challenges plaguing the state. He proceeded to provide the names of the deceased victims from Turu in Jos South LGA, emphasizing the tragic loss of precious lives in his constituency.

Dachung Bagos expressed the deep concern of his constituents who now live in constant fear of bandit attacks, which have become a daily occurrence. He emphasized the breakdown in the government’s capacity to protect the people and their communities, leading law-abiding citizens to take proactive measures to ensure their safety.

Referring to Section 33(2)(a) of the constitution, the lawmaker highlighted that self-defense becomes lawful when individuals are defending themselves against unlawful violence or protecting their property. He called upon all the citizens of Plateau State to remain vigilant and take action to defend themselves against attackers. He further emphasized the need for unity among the people of Plateau State to protect their land, stating that while they are peaceful, they will not allow their inheritance, which is their land, to be forcefully taken away.

In his passionate plea, Dachung Bagos urged his fellow citizens to stand together and assert their rights to protect their lives and property, ensuring the continuity of human life and safeguarding their land.

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