Police arrest 100 suspects for kidnapping, others in Bauchi


The Bauchi State Police Command has been making significant strides in its efforts to tackle crime and ensure the safety and security of residents in the state. During a recent news conference in Bauchi, the Commissioner of Police, Auwal Muhammad, revealed that over 100 suspects involved in various criminal activities, such as kidnapping, robbery, and other forms of violence, have been apprehended.

The Commissioner emphasized that the security concerns in the society have reached alarming levels, necessitating a thorough review of the police’s modus operandi to effectively contain the current security challenges bedeviling the state and the country at large. The crimes, ranging from kidnapping and banditry to robbery, gender-based violence, and thuggery, have prompted the police to deploy all available assets, including both kinetic (forceful) and non-kinetic (intelligence-based) measures, to curtail criminal activities in the state.

As a result of sustained operations based on credible intelligence and effective strategies, the Bauchi State Police Command has achieved significant achievements within the past month. The recovery of guns, fabricated pistols, revolvers, axes, knives, and other dangerous weapons from the arrested suspects underscores the gravity of the criminal activities they were involved in.

Commissioner Muhammad emphasized that the investigation into the cases is ongoing, and as soon as conclusive evidence is gathered, the suspects will be charged to court. This approach ensures that justice is served and the perpetrators are held accountable for their actions.

The Commissioner also reiterated the commitment of the Inspector-General of Police, Kayode Egbetekun, to community-based and intelligence-led policing as a strategy to address security challenges in the country. This approach emphasizes the importance of collaboration with communities and leveraging intelligence to proactively prevent crimes and apprehend criminals.

With an unwavering resolve to combat crime and maintain law and order, the Bauchi State Police Command remains dedicated to its constitutional mandate of ensuring a conducive atmosphere for residents of the state. They continue to work tirelessly, fearlessly, and relentlessly to create a safe and secure environment for all citizens.

In conclusion, the efforts of the Bauchi State Police Command in apprehending over 100 suspects involved in various criminal activities are commendable. By adopting a multifaceted approach that includes intelligence-led policing and community engagement, they are demonstrating their commitment to keeping the citizens safe and addressing the prevailing security challenges in the state. The citizens can be assured that the police are vigilant and proactive in maintaining peace and security within the state.

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