Pope Francis condemns burning of Qur’an in Stockholm


Pope Francis has strongly condemned the burning of the Quran that took place in Stockholm, expressing his anger and disgust at the incident. He emphasized that any book regarded as holy should be treated with respect, in consideration of the beliefs of those who hold it sacred. The Pope stressed that freedom of expression should never be misused as a justification for disrespecting or demeaning others. His statement highlights the importance of promoting tolerance, understanding, and mutual respect among different faiths and cultures.

The Pope’s statement reflects his strong disapproval of the incident and the act of burning the Quran. He emphasized that such actions should be rejected and condemned. The burning of the Quran during the Eid al-Adha holiday in Stockholm sparked widespread condemnation from Muslim-majority countries. They criticized the act as inciting hatred and expressed their concerns about the misuse of free speech. The incident highlights the need for promoting religious tolerance, understanding, and respectful dialogue among different communities and faiths.

The Saudi Arabian government strongly condemned the burning of the Quran and summoned the Swedish ambassador in Riyadh to express its rejection of the act. The Kingdom emphasized the importance of promoting tolerance, moderation, and rejecting extremism. Saudi Arabia called on the Swedish government to cease any actions that contradict international efforts aimed at spreading these values. The Swedish government, while acknowledging that the act was allowed under freedom of expression laws, acknowledged that it was inappropriate. The incident raises important discussions around the balance between freedom of expression and respect for religious sensitivities.

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