‘Proof Emerges’ – Nigerians Ask Pastor Enenche To Apologize To Lady Embarrassed For Giving ‘Fake Testimony’


Nigerians are calling on Senior Pastor Paul Enenche of Dunamis International Gospel Centre to apologize to a woman accused of delivering a ‘fake testimony’ during a church service. The incident unfolded when the member took to the pulpit to share her testimony of graduating with a “Bachelor of Law” degree from the National Open University of Nigeria. However, Pastor Enenche interrupted her, questioning the authenticity of her claim, citing inconsistencies in her speech that he felt didn’t align with someone holding a law degree.

Despite the woman’s insistence, Pastor Enenche demanded she step down, emphasizing that fabricating testimonies at the pulpit comes with consequences. However, subsequent investigations by Nigerians revealed evidence supporting the woman’s testimony, including her graduation photos from the university and her name on the institution’s official list of graduates.

Outraged by Pastor Enenche’s handling of the situation, Nigerians took to social media to demand an apology on behalf of the woman. Many argued that she may have experienced stage fright or nervousness while speaking, rather than deliberately lying. Some criticized Pastor Enenche’s judgment and urged him to publicly apologize for the embarrassment caused to the woman. The incident has sparked discussions on the expectations placed on individuals when sharing testimonies in religious settings and the responsibility of church leaders in such situations.

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