‘Renewed shege’ trends as petrol price rises above N600 per litre 


The recent adjustment of petrol pump price from N540 to N617 per litre has sparked anger and condemnation among some Nigerians. Many fuel stations in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and other parts of the country have adjusted their pump prices to reflect the new price regime, which comes less than two months after the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL) announced an upward review of the product from N194 to N488 and N555.

Nigerians took to their social media handles to express their frustration, describing the situation as insensitive and wicked. They feel that the government has deviated from its campaign promise of “Renewed Hope” to “renewed suffering” under the APC administration.

The increase in fuel prices has become a topic of criticism and mockery towards President Bola Tinubu and the APC. Some people pointed out that those who protested over a price increase of N65 per litre in the past are now facing an even higher price of N617 per litre.

Nigerians on social media also expressed disbelief at the rapid increase in the price of petrol, questioning how it could skyrocket from N190 per litre just two months ago to N617 per litre currently.

Many users on social media vowed to resist buying fuel at the new price, with some stating that they will find alternatives like using their generators less frequently to cope with the high cost.

However, there are also some who understand the economic realities and acknowledge that the fuel subsidy has been removed, leading to deregulation of the market. They believe that the government should engage in massive sensitization to counter misinformation and educate the public about the necessity of the price adjustment.

In summary, the increase in petrol pump price has caused public outcry and frustration among Nigerians, leading to debates and discussions about the government’s economic policies and their impact on the citizens’ daily lives.

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