Reps probe NIMASA’s alleged billions of Naira contract scandal


The House of Representatives has taken a decisive step by resolving to launch an investigation into alleged fictitious contract awards, gross mismanagement of funds amounting to billions of naira, and the lopsided placement of directors within the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA). This move comes after a motion was presented by Representative Kingsley Chinda, supported by five other lawmakers, during a session held in Abuja on Wednesday.

The motion highlights the concerns surrounding recent developments in NIMASA, specifically focusing on questionable contract awards, fraudulent forex transactions, and the imbalanced placement of directors. These activities are viewed as unwholesome and corrupt practices that undermine the transparency and efficiency of the agency.

The House of Representatives has deemed it necessary to intervene and investigate these allegations to ensure accountability, transparency, and good governance within NIMASA. By initiating this inquiry, the legislative body aims to shed light on any malfeasance, hold responsible parties accountable, and safeguard the integrity of the agency.

The investigation will provide an opportunity to thoroughly examine the awarding of contracts within NIMASA, scrutinize the financial transactions involving forex, and assess the fairness and equity in the placement of directors. The House of Representatives seeks to uncover any irregularities, fraudulent practices, or unethical conduct that may have occurred within the agency.

The outcome of this investigation will have far-reaching implications for the maritime sector in Nigeria. It is expected that the findings will guide the implementation of necessary reforms to enhance transparency, efficiency, and accountability in NIMASA. By addressing these concerns, the agency can better fulfill its mandate of promoting safety, security, and efficiency in Nigerian waters and contributing to the growth and development of the maritime industry.

The House of Representatives is committed to upholding the principles of good governance, fighting corruption, and ensuring that public resources are utilized in the best interest of the Nigerian people. The investigation into NIMASA’s alleged malpractices is a demonstration of the legislature’s dedication to oversight and accountability, as well as its commitment to fostering a culture of transparency and integrity within government agencies.

As the investigation unfolds, it is expected that all relevant stakeholders, including NIMASA officials, will cooperate fully and provide the necessary information to facilitate a thorough and impartial inquiry. The House of Representatives will work diligently to ensure that the investigation is conducted in a transparent and fair manner, adhering to due process and the principles of natural justice.

Ultimately, the aim of this investigation is to restore public confidence in NIMASA and reaffirm the agency’s commitment to its mandate. The House of Representatives, through its oversight function, will play a vital role in holding NIMASA accountable, promoting good governance, and safeguarding the interests of the Nigerian people in the maritime sector.

Representative Kingsley Chinda, during his motion, brought to the attention of the House of Representatives several allegations surrounding the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA). Among these allegations are questionable, inflated, and fictitious contract awards, specifically targeting non-operational speed boats, security surveillance contracts, and the Deep Blue Water Contract.

The representative expressed concern over the detrimental effects of these activities, including revenue leakages and the preferential awarding of contracts to individuals close to the Director-General and other top management staff at NIMASA. He further raised alarm regarding the alleged under-remittance of debts owed to the country by shipping firms, allegedly done with the consent and connivance of the agency.

Of particular concern was the dubious contract between NIMASA and XPO Marine Limited for the lease of six-speed boats. The contract, which was reportedly entered into without a proper needs assessment, stipulated a monthly rate of $173,930 for each boat. It is worth noting that XPO Marine Ltd had previously been implicated in defrauding NIMASA of $80,000 in revenue.

Additionally, the security surveillance contract known as the Deep Blue Water Contract came under scrutiny. This contract is suspected of being a conduit for misappropriation of funds by the agency’s management.

The allegations raised by Representative Chinda highlight potential instances of corruption, mismanagement, and financial impropriety within NIMASA. These actions have severe consequences, as they not only lead to revenue loss but also undermine the agency’s ability to effectively carry out its responsibilities in promoting maritime safety and security.

The House of Representatives recognizes the importance of addressing these allegations promptly and thoroughly. By launching an investigation into the activities of NIMASA, the legislative body aims to uncover the truth, hold those responsible accountable, and implement necessary reforms to prevent recurrence.

It is essential that the investigation is conducted with utmost transparency, fairness, and adherence to due process. The House of Representatives will engage relevant stakeholders, including NIMASA officials, to provide evidence and testimonies that will aid in the uncovering of any wrongdoings.

The outcome of the investigation will not only shed light on the alleged malpractices within NIMASA but also serve as a catalyst for comprehensive reforms. These reforms will be aimed at strengthening governance structures, improving transparency and accountability, and ensuring that NIMASA fulfills its mandate of safeguarding Nigeria’s maritime interests.

The House of Representatives is committed to upholding the principles of good governance and fighting corruption. By undertaking this investigation, it demonstrates its dedication to ensuring that public resources are utilized for the benefit of the Nigerian people and that public institutions operate in an efficient, transparent, and accountable manner.

As the investigation progresses, the House of Representatives urges all stakeholders to cooperate fully and provide the necessary information to facilitate a thorough inquiry. The ultimate goal is to restore trust and confidence in NIMASA, strengthen the agency’s capacity to fulfill its responsibilities, and contribute to the sustainable development of Nigeria’s maritime sector.

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