Roof leakage in NASS will end soon – Contractor


Visible Construction Ltd., the construction firm responsible for the renovation of the National Assembly Complex, has assured users of the complex that steps are being taken to address the issue of leaking points. Tajudeen Olanipekun, the Project Engineer, provided the assurance in response to reports of rainwater leakages at certain areas in the White House Segment of the complex.

The deteriorating state of the National Assembly Complex prompted the ninth National Assembly to allocate N30 billion to the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) in the 2021 fiscal year for a comprehensive renovation. Visible Construction, the winning contractor, commenced work in April 2022 and has already set up temporary Hallow Chambers for both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Regarding the recent roof leakage report, Mr. Olanipekun stated that his firm is actively addressing the situation. Specialized chemicals for the affected expansion joints will be applied soon. He assured that all the roofs in the complex, including those in the White House and adjacent structures, have been thoroughly inspected to identify any expansion joints that require water-tight chemicals to prevent leakage.

The required chemicals have already been imported from the United States, but their application will take place after the rainy season. Mr. Olanipekun likened the report of roof leakage to assessing a student’s exam script while they are still writing. He emphasized that the renovation work is still ongoing, and it is only upon completion of the project that a comprehensive assessment can be made regarding roof leakage.

Mr. Olanipekun also reassured stakeholders that there is no cause for alarm, as engineers from the FCDA are actively involved in the project alongside Visible Construction. Furthermore, containers of state-of-the-art furniture, which will be installed in both the Senate and the House of Representatives chambers, have been imported from the United States.

Visible Construction Ltd. is committed to ensuring the successful completion of the National Assembly Complex renovation project and addressing any issues that arise. The firm’s collaboration with the FCDA and the importation of high-quality materials are indications of their dedication to delivering a revamped and functional complex for the benefit of the National Assembly and its users.

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