Shocking revelations about Prophet TB Joshua in New BBC Documentary


In its’ latest investigative report from Africa, the British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC has made some terrifying revelations about popular Nigerian Televangelist and founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Prophet TB Joshua.

The bomb documentary is coming years after the acclaimed man of God passed away on 5 June 2021, raising mixed reactions and propelling an atmosphere of controversy amongst believers of the late prophet’s ministry and pitching them against outsiders.

The documentary was a result of the BBC’s investigation into allegations of sexual assault, physical abuse, fabricated miracles, and trauma purportedly suffered at the hands of the late Nigerian preacher.

In the new BBC documentary, which was released on Monday, 8th January 2024, Prophet T.B Joshua who was originally Temitope Balogun Joshua, allegedly enslaved Westerners amongst others who served under him as disciples in the synagogue.

A witness, Agomoh Paul, who is among no fewer than 25 witnesses in the BBC Eye’s three-part expose on the alleged secret life of the late televangelist said that T.B Joshua was interested in enslaving not just Africans but also Westerners and targeted them with miracles.

Speaking to the BBC’s Africa Eye, Paul noted that he was very close to the late prophet.

He said, “I was very close to him. I was just like the number two in the synagogue church of all nations.

“There are certain things he told me personally that I know many of the disciples never knew.

“He knows exactly what he wants to achieve. He had a special interest in the ‘Oyinbo’, the whites.

The term “Oyinbo” is a known slang in Nigeria used to refer to the whites and Europeans, generally Westerners.

Continuing, Paul said, “In 1996, one of the major pastors came from South Africa. When they were leaving, he gave them more than 200 VHS videos to take home to give to people. Videos of miracles, videos of confessions, videos that will fill your head.

“I said, this is too expensive. He laughed;

Quoting TB Joshua, Paul said, ‘You think I’m a fool? I know what I’m doing.’

“A time will come when this synagogue church is going to shoot out from South Africa to the whole world.”

Paul also noted, “The greatest thing that pumped Synagogue church was when the foreigners started coming. This was strategic, and it was planned.

Another witness identified as Bisola said, “He used white people to market his brand. having a white man or white woman around, is like…you have achieved.”

Paul who also claimed to be among the ‘disciples’ said, “He (TB Joshua) had a grand plan. Not all disciples knew what was happening. It was a secret.

“He (TB Joshua) told me personally that what the white people did to our forefathers hurt him, that whatever it would take him, he said that he would bring them here.

“He will make sure that he will enslave them, that they will serve him.

“That was one of the motivation factors in him.”

“I will teach them a lesson. I’ll show them,” Paul said, quoting TB Joshua.

Adding, Bisola said, “I was there in that meeting. He wants to use white people to be his slaves.

“Westerners, they enslaved his forefathers. So, he, himself, now wants to enslave them. He said it loud and clear.”

Watch the documentary here:
Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

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