Stop attributing road crashes to witchcraft, FRSC advises motorists


The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) has dismissed the belief that witches are responsible for road traffic accidents in Nigeria. Instead, the agency emphasized that accidents are primarily caused by the recklessness of road users. This clarification was made by SC Istifanus Ibrahim, the Sector Commander of the Cross River Sector Command of FRSC, during the launch of the 2023 Ember Month Safety Campaign.

The theme of the campaign, “Speed thrills but it kills, drive responsibly and avoid overloading,” highlights the dangers of excessive speeding and overloading, especially during the last four months of the year. Ibrahim pointed out that the increase in road traffic accidents during the Ember months is due to heightened vehicular and socioeconomic activities. Commercial drivers often attempt to maximize their earnings during this period, leading to a tendency to overspeed and neglect traffic regulations.

Ibrahim dispelled the notion that evil spirits or witches are responsible for the rise in accidents during this time, emphasizing that crashes are caused by human, mechanical, and environmental factors. He stressed that the Ember months campaign aims to address issues such as overloading and speeding, which can hinder the goal of reducing road traffic deaths and injuries by five percent.

During the campaign launch, Governor Bassey Otu highlighted the exhilarating nature of speed but cautioned that it comes with significant risks if not managed responsibly. He emphasized the shared responsibility of ensuring safety on the roads and urged everyone to drive responsibly, obey speed limits, and avoid overloading vehicles. The representative of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) also expressed support for the FRSC’s message, pledging to spread the safety message among their members and promote safe driving practices.

The Chairman of FRSC Marshals in Cross River, Akunjom Akunjom, reiterated the importance of the yearly safety campaign to raise awareness, especially among commercial road users. He emphasized that responsible driving is crucial for everyone’s safety, rejecting the notion of supernatural causes for accidents and attributing them to the behavior of road users.

The event was attended by officials from various military and paramilitary organizations in the state, underscoring the collective effort to promote road safety awareness in Nigeria.

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