“The Truth Is Out”: Owner of JAMB CBT Centre Where Mmesoma Ejikeme Wrote Exams Begs Her to Come Clean


Thank you for providing the additional information. Based on the context you provided, it seems that Osita Chidoka, the former Minister of Aviation and owner of the CBT centre where Mmesoma Ejikeme took her UTME, has raised concerns about the authenticity of her result. Chidoka is calling on Mmesoma to explain the source of her result, and he has stated that he would request leniency from JAMB if she provides a truthful explanation.

I apologize for the confusion in my previous response. Based on the updated information, it seems that Osita Chidoka has raised concerns about the authenticity of Mmesoma Ejikeme’s UTME result due to two discrepancies that he found. These discrepancies have raised suspicion in Chidoka, prompting him to question the source and validity of her result.

Thank you for providing the additional details. The concerns raised by Osita Chidoka regarding Mmesoma Ejikeme’s UTME result are centered around two discrepancies. Firstly, Chidoka noticed that the name of the center where Mmesoma took the examination was not correctly stated on the JAMB portal. Secondly, he observed that the result template used for the examination differed from the one used by JAMB in 2023. These inconsistencies have raised suspicions about the authenticity of Mmesoma’s result.

Osita Chidoka expressed that he had given Mmesoma Ejikeme the opportunity to provide an explanation regarding the source of her UTME result. However, he found her response to be unsatisfactory. Chidoka commended the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) for defending its integrity in the matter. He further suggested that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) should follow JAMB’s example and provide an explanation for the “technical glitch” that allegedly occurred during the February 25, 2023, presidential election.

In a statement on Wednesday, the ex-minister said:

“For Nmesoma, she should come clean and explain how she got that result and who led her down that path. If she does that, I will lend my voice to beg JAMB to note her age and show more leniency.”

Mmesoma claimed that she scored 362, but JAMB insisted that her actual score was 249.

“I observed two significant red flags when I saw her result online. First, since 2021, the JAMB portal stopped referring to our center as Thomas Chidoka Center for Human Development. The correct name on the JAMB portal and the Main Examination Slip is Nkemefuna Foundation (Thomas Chidoka Center for Human Development).

“Due to the difference in our CAC registration details, JAMB insisted we change to Nkemefuna Foundation with Thomas Chidoka in a bracket as an identifier. We implemented the name change in 2021. “As is to be expected, the Main Examination Slip bore the core name, Nkemefuna Foundation (Thomas Chidoka Centre), but the result she presented had just Thomas Chidoka Centre without the prefix, Nkemefuna Foundation. This error raised my suspicion about the genuineness of the presented result.

“As is to be expected, the Main Examination Slip bore the core name, Nkemefuna Foundation (Thomas Chidoka Centre), but the result she presented had just Thomas Chidoka Centre without the prefix, Nkemefuna Foundation. This error raised my suspicion about the genuineness of the presented result.

“I gave the young Nmesoma the benefit of the doubt and waited to see if she would explain how she got the result, which is obviously not the approved JAMB result template used in 2023. Without that explanation, I knew it was a fake result.

Our Center has been involved with the JAMB CBT examination since 2016, and I have come to trust the integrity of the JAMB online examination platform.

On Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily programme, Mmesoma said she should not be blamed for the controversy.

“It’s not my fault that I printed my result like that and they said that I forged my result. It’s not my fault. So, them banning it is not fair,” she said.

The House of Representatives has expressed its criticism towards JAMB for withdrawing the candidate’s result and imposing a three-year ban on her. They have stated that JAMB acted unprofessionally in handling a matter involving a minor. In response, the House of Representatives has established an ad-hoc committee to conduct an investigation into the matter. They have also requested that JAMB halt any further action until the investigation by the House of Representatives is concluded. The aim of the investigation is to gather more information and ensure a fair resolution to the situation.

Reactions as owner of JAMB CBT centre where Mmesoma Ejimeme sat for UTME speaks on incident

Eucharia Legends said:

“The truth is gradually coming out.”

Wisdom Wagbara wrote:

“Something in me tells me that this girl is innocent. God ll fight dis battle & she ll hold her peace.”

Nnanna reacted:

“When you saw the red flag, what was your efforts in reaching her. Very reporters to Nigeria politicians.”

In a video that has been circulating online, Mmesoma Ejikeme expressed her distress and stated that she had been traumatized upon hearing the news about her alleged result manipulation. She presented a result slip that she had printed from the JAMB portal, which displayed an aggregate score of 362. According to her, this was the original result she obtained from JAMB, and she had no knowledge of any manipulation. Mmesoma mentioned that she had submitted her result to the commissioner of education, but they claimed it was not the original result and initiated an investigation due to a different name appearing when scanning the QR code on the result slip.

Ejikeme expressed her surprise and frustration that her name had started circulating on the internet, accusing her of manipulating her scores even before the investigation into her result was concluded. She strongly denied being capable of such an act and emphasized that if there were any issues with her result, they should be attributed to the board and not to her. She maintained her innocence and called for a fair and thorough investigation to determine the truth behind the discrepancies in her result.

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