Tragedy Strikes Katsina: Deadly Attack on Maulud Celebration Claims Nine Lives, Leaving Dozens Injured


In a horrifying turn of events, Katsina state witnessed a nightmarish assault on a peaceful Maulud procession in Rugar Kusa village, Musawa Local Government Area. Suspected bandits, armed with deadly AK-47 rifles, unleashed a barrage of gunfire, leaving nine innocent people dead and plunging the community into mourning. The assailants targeted Muslim faithful who were joyously celebrating Maulud, causing widespread panic and chaos.

As the assailants fired indiscriminately, seven individuals lost their lives on the spot, while 18 others sustained grievous gunshot wounds. Despite the prompt response from law enforcement, the tragedy deepened when two of the injured victims succumbed to their injuries while undergoing medical treatment at General Hospital Musawa.

The heinous attack has left the entire region in shock and disbelief, prompting authorities to intensify efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice. The incident underscores the urgent need for increased security measures to safeguard communities and religious gatherings, ensuring the safety and well-being of citizens.

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