Unilorin expels 19 students over exam malpractice, racketeering


Nineteen students at the University of Ilorin have faced disciplinary action for various infractions, leading to their expulsion or rustication. The offenses range from misconduct to examination malpractice, with some students also involved in activities such as theft and assault. Among those affected were six final-year students, as reported by Kunle Akogun, the university’s Director of Corporate Affairs, in Ilorin on Monday.

The decisions to expel or rusticate these students were made based on recommendations from the Students’ Disciplinary Committee during its recent meetings. The students punished represent a mix of academic levels, indicating that disciplinary measures were applied across the board.

Expulsion from the university was the outcome for some students, while others were rusticated for varying periods—either for one academic session or one semester. These disciplinary actions underscore the institution’s commitment to upholding academic standards and maintaining a conducive learning environment.

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