Valentine’s Day: Group says February 14 should become Chastity Day


Group Advocates for Chastity Day on Valentine’s Day

The Centre for Defence of Morality (CDM), a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), has launched a campaign to designate February 14 as “Chastity Day” instead of Valentine’s Day. As part of their efforts, they organized the annual ‘Chastity Parade’ Programme at the National Theatre in Lagos, mobilizing 2000 youths against sexual deviance.

Nkem Chinma, the International President of CDM, explained that the aim of the event is to shift the focus of February 14 from celebrating romantic love to promoting sexual purity and abstinence among young people. He highlighted that this program, in its 12th year, aims to unite youths against moral decadence and social vices, encouraging them to make vows and pledges towards chastity.

Chinma emphasized the positive impact of the Chastity Parade, noting its contribution to reducing teenage pregnancy, sexual abuse, and sexually transmitted diseases. He also mentioned the collaborative efforts of CDM with interdenominational bodies, corporate organizations, and academic institutions in spreading the message of morality across borders.

Uche John, the Project Director, reiterated the importance of the event in empowering young people to make informed decisions and focus on their future plans. She highlighted the pervasive influence of sexualization in various aspects of society and emphasized the need to educate and protect youths from moral deviance.

Participants like Blessing Uchechi expressed gratitude for the support and guidance provided by CDM, citing its positive impact on their academic and personal lives. She encouraged other youths to embrace chastity and participate in initiatives aimed at eradicating moral decadence from society.

Overall, the efforts of CDM underscore the importance of promoting moral values and empowering young people to make responsible choices, especially in the face of societal pressures and influences.

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