Veteran Nollywood actress, Patience Ozokwor reveals reason actors beg on sick bed


Veteran Nollywood actress, Patience Ozokwor otherwise known as “Mama-G” has shared an opinion on a recent trend where actors find themselves begging for financial assistance on social media.

This followed series of cases within the last few months as some celebrities known for their significant roles in movies rolled out on the internet begging for help while on sick bed.

In a recent publication, the actress claims that while they are working and making a good living, many stars spend a lot of money to preserve their celebrity status due to the expensive lifestyle that the public demands of them.

Mama-G, who was honored with the AMVCA Merit Award in May, said that many people do not help actors because they believe they are wealthy especially because of what they wear on the red carpet.

However, when they fall sick, they are left to handle the burden, and when they are at their very last, they are forced to turn to social media begging.

Reacting to her claims, netizens took to the comment section to agree with what the actress said.

@adewwo: “Actors aren’t paid well at all except for the A-List actors! Once you’re not an A-list, forget it! Na manage them they manage…skit makers com even dey feature “actors” for skits.”

@official_janecyril: “Some people forgot that actors are human being too. Most of them are not financially bouyant as we thought, they hustle legitimately to get where they are and that’s why some of them begs online when they’re sick . Let us stop judging this people.”

@pappythrill: “Packaging dey make fans feel say e dey plenty. Una never understand entertainment business. Na we Dey hear am pass fans. Make I just shut up.”

@bigsmart__: “Education is a good radiance to healthy living. Emphasis on how eloquent she sounds and fluent she speaks.

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