We’ll tackle kidnappings, other crimes in FCT, environs — Security agencies


On Tuesday, security agencies operating in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and surrounding areas came together to address the growing concern of kidnappings and other violent crimes in the FCT and its neighboring states.

Adamu Gwary, the Director of the FCTA Department of Security Services, made this announcement in Abuja shortly after the monthly FCT Security Committee Meeting, which was chaired by the FCTA Permanent Secretary, Olusade Adesola.

Mr. Gwary emphasized that the security agencies in the FCT have received instructions to implement appropriate measures to tackle the issue of cattle herding within the city of Abuja and manage its associated challenges.

Additionally, Mr. Gwary revealed that the security agencies have been instructed to address the issue of scavengers, commonly referred to as “Baban bola” in the Hausa language, and other related challenges.

Furthermore, he disclosed the upcoming plans for G7 security operations in the neighboring states of the FCT. These plans will be finalized during a meeting scheduled for July 5. The G7 initiative involves collaboration between the FCT and its neighboring states, aimed at enhancing security conditions through joint operations.

The director further mentioned that the FCT Administration would host the Technical Committee meeting. The committee consists of the heads of security agencies, the Commissioners of Police from the neighboring states, the Director of Security, and the Commandant of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps.

He noted that the military component would also be involved, with representatives from the Army Headquarters Garrison and the Defense Headquarters attending the meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and reach an agreement on the strategies and approach for the clearance exercise.

The meeting was attended by leaders from various military and para-military organizations in the FCT, as well as religious and traditional leaders, along with relevant officials from the FCTA.

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