Wife seeks divorce after 11 years of childlessness 


In a recent development at the Centre-Igboro Area Court in Ilorin, an Ilorin-based housewife named Rashidat Quadir has taken the significant step of filing for divorce. Quadir cited the necessity of the divorce after enduring 11 years of childlessness and allegedly suffering from a lack of love and trust from her husband.

In her testimony, Quadir expressed the deep frustration she faced due to her inability to conceive during the course of their marriage. She claimed that her husband and his parents had become a source of emotional distress, constantly blaming her for the absence of children in their home. Additionally, she revealed that her husband’s lack of trust in her had reached a point where he forced her to swear on the name of Almighty Allah and the holy Quran whenever she went out, suspecting her of having affairs. The situation had deteriorated to the extent that her husband even inspected her underwear to check for signs of infidelity, causing immense humiliation and distress.

Furthermore, Quadir disclosed that her mother-in-law had repeatedly advised her to find another man and move on from their marriage. Feeling unsupported and emotionally drained, Quadir decided to leave their home three months ago due to the constant threats, frustration, and pain she experienced.

However, her husband contested her claims, stating that he still wanted to salvage the marriage. He mentioned that he had never chased her out of their home and explained that their marital issues escalated six years ago when his parents suspected Quadir of causing their inability to have children. He admitted to challenging her fidelity after she refused to engage in sexual intimacy for a period of two weeks, which led to his doubts about her faithfulness.

The presiding judge, Shehu Ajimobi, intervened in the situation, granting the husband time to attempt to reconcile with his wife. While urging the husband to take necessary steps to resolve the issues, the judge also appealed to Quadir to exercise patience. The case was adjourned to November 6, with the hope that the couple might find a resolution before the next court date.

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